Since 16 May 2022, proof of vaccination/recovery or a test are no longer needed.

All latest information can be found on the Vienna Tourism Board website.

Entry rules to the Austria

From 16 May 2022 it is possible to enter the Austria as before the pandemic COVID-19.

During registration and event

At this moment, no requirements are necessary regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is recommended to pay attention to increased hygiene and keeping distance from others (while walking about of) at least 1.5 metres.

To protect yourself you can follow a security precautions such as:

  • wear face mask in public
  • use disinfectant
  • wash your hands frequently
  • avoid touching your face

New format for E&E Event to embrace the evolution of new working environments and expectations developed with Covid-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of online platforms became more a normal way of managing meetings and events. E&E Event 2022 has taken this onboard and adapted into a hybrid format, i.e.accessible partly via a virtual platform.

The on site physical format of the E&E Event 2022 will seek to offer facilities inline with current public health and safety measures including:

  • provision of hand sanitising products
  • ensure that all anti-epidemic measures are observed

Please note that all participants should behave responsibly and observe these measures.